Our commitment is to be a catalyst in the transition towards a sustainable future in energy through the use of innovative technology, education, quality solutions and renewable energy.

We aim to drive change through ethical and respectful interactions with all of our stakeholder, creating a customer focused and responsive team of experts who are able to deliver high quality solutions.

Why We Do What We Do

Ecovantage was established in 2007 to support businesses and households to reduce energy use and contribute to the fight against climate change through a reduction in emissions.  

As a solutions provider we have become a trusted authority on energy efficiency. Our offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Queensland are staffed with employees who are genuinely passionate about energy efficiency and are dedicated to helping our customers save energy and save money.

Fresh Fruit


At Ecovantage we are in the business of energy savings. On top of helping our customers become more energy efficient we take steps in our day-to-day practice to reduce our own impact on the environment. The simple practices can be adopted by many organisations.

These steps include:

  • Buying recycled and refillable stationary where available
  • Using recycled toilet paper, tissues and paper towels from social enterprises
  • Refilling all cleaning products and consumables where available
  • Providing reusable takeaway cups for the daily pick-me-up
  • Purchasing fruit and milk from the local community
  • Composting where possible

Organisations We Support