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Case Study: Shopping Centre Solar VEECs.

Large Shopping Centre, Victoria.

Solar PV System Size: 930kW
Consumption Estimate: 1280MWh per annum
Export Estimate: 4MWh per annum
Scheme Eligibility: Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates
VEECs Created: 10,208 Units
VEEC Revenue Generated: $630,000.00

Why they came to us.

The client partnered with Ecovantage to manage their Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate (VEEC) process from end to end to ensure the maximum return.

Ecovantage’s extensive experience as Australia’s largest cACP ensured the application was simple, smooth and all potential risks were mitigated from day one.

What we provided.

Ecovantage provided a complete certificate solution from application and creation to financial payback for the Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates.

The Solar PV Array was installed on a large shopping centre in Victoria. The system generated over 10,000 VEECs, offsetting the project cost by approximately

How we got there.

The project used the Separate Baseline and Reporting Methodology. The site had an undisrupted baseline measurement, and no major or unforseen changes in the
reporting period.


Estimated LGC rebate over 9 years:


LGC vs VEEC payback: $630,000 vs $252,000

$378,000 difference

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